A successful study trip to Reggio Emilia - November 2016


Our study group participants had an incredible time at Reggio Emilia two weeks ago.

Hear from Wei Sum, an educator who embarked on this trip with us:

'This November, I had the privilege to attend the International Study Group in Reggio Emilia, Italy. This study group enabled me to have a firsthand interaction with the Reggio Emilia teachers, atelieristas, pedagogistas and the environment. We had the opportunity to attend workshops conducted by the atelieristas, visit various preschools and be immersed in the history of the city. This learning journey has allowed me to reflect on my current classroom practices, broaden my perspectives for creativity and teaching and most importantly, gave me assurance that I am on the right track.'

Reggio Children Reggio Children Foundation Centro Internazionale Loris Malaguzzi




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